Watching the beauty of the snowfall and the purity of the freshly fallen snow one is struck by how the Lord sometimes shows His awesome power and mighty Hand. For today, everyone in the path of this winter storm is forced to stop their frenzied lives, they are given the opportunity to rest and contemplate their lives.

If you are in the path of this storm what are you doing now? Are you taking advantage of the pause to get closer to God and your loved ones? Are you taking time to renew your faith? Or are you railing against the delays in your life?

If you are sitting in a comfortable home, if you are warm, safe and dry count your blessings and pray for those who have no home, those who are hungry and cold and wet. Pray for those whose power is disrupted, placing them in danger. Pray for those who may lose faith because of the storm and its inevitable destruction. Pray for the power company employees who will be working in dangerous conditions. Pray for the first responders and the rescue workers.

Be thankful if you are safe and rest on God’s promises if you are not.