The trees bow before the snow, their branches and trunk weighed down by the accumulation of snow. Snow, made up of millions of pretty little white flakes. Flakes that almost float on the air as they descend from the sky and land effortlessly. Each, by itself, of little import, each by itself harmless and yet the cumulative effect is to stop the world dead in its tracks.

Each Christian has the effect of a snowflake on the world, initial notice is paid but then they will be ignored by the world. That is why we need to band together, we need to pile up in the roads of commerce, shout corporately on the airways, post in volume on social media. Let the world see that Jesus is Lord of our lives and a force to be explored and studied, not as an anomaly but as the Truth.

But most of all, every Christian needs to pray, a single prayer has little effect, a few prayers are a flurry but many prayers can become a massive storm. A massive storm that the world will no longer be able to ignore. Let us all pray, pray for revival in this nation, pray for Holy Spirit to take this country like a massive snowstorm, obliterating the landscape of evil and covering us all with God’s pure love.