When you leave an area, when you decide that there is another place or lifestyle that you would rather pursue, make certain that you are following the will of the Lord, be absolutely sure that you are pursuing God and not fleeing Him. Many times our desire to go, our need to leave is based on our feelings and our thoughts. This is OK as long as we have thoroughly prayed about it, diligently sought the will of the Lord and then sat still and listened for His voice to speak His will into our lives.

Too often we are fleeing rather than following. We read about the flight or fight nature of our responses to life’s problems. Too often these are given as the only responses that we can have to trouble. However, there is no room for God in this limited version of us, there is no compassion, no acceptance of circumstances and certainly no turning to God for solutions, no room for miracles.

We need to be more dependent on the Lord, not less. We need to ask for and receive His blessings in all things. When we awaken in the morning we need to expect that His miracles and not our abilities will get us through the day.