Evidence of the reality of God, proof of His existence is all around us. if we will but look with an open heart, see with eyes of a child, listen to the silence of nature and ignore the sounds of the world. The Lord shows Himself every day and speaks to us with love all of the time.

When He blankets the earth with snow, when He drenches the earth with rain, when He removes the clouds to let the sun touch us, our Lord is showing us His grace and mercy. Every minute of every day is spent here, on this earth, in the presence of God. He knows your sorrow, He knows your joy and He is here now and forever to be with you.

The Lord is the Creator of the universe, Lord of all and yet He cares for you and me. Each creature, each person, each part of His creation is precious to Him. He knows your every thought, sees your every action and still loves you. You can reject Him, you can deny Him and you can run from Him but there is no hiding from Him. His will is that you come to Him willingly or not at all. Our Lord will never force us to love Him, never demand obedience. But the truth is that we are happiest when we obey our Father, not because He chastises us but because we chastise ourselves.