There are many things about this world, about Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit that I do not understand. There is much in world that is unknowable and yet we were created with a desire to know, a curiosity that sometimes leads us to the Lord and sometimes leads us astray.

Yesterday we witnessed people whose desires and curiosity have led them closer to God, whose aspirations will continue to fill their souls with God’s mercy and grace. May their days be blessed, their service be sanctified and their hearts be happy and filled with joy.

Last night and this morning they fellowship with others who have chosen to walk the same path for a time. For some the path will become a road upon which they will journey for a long time. For others this path will lead to another path and maybe even many paths that will all lead to the same place.

Whether their paths stay connected or not, there will be great rejoicing when they all meet at the final destination. What stories they will have for each other, what deeds they will have recorded, what treasures they will bring when Jesus welcomes them home.