On the other side of the valley there is a home nestled in the trees with a long drive that wanders in from the road. During the summer months it is almost invisible, hidden by the trees and surrounded by the greenery of the forest.

After the leaves have gone, it looks a little desolate and lonely as it sits at the end of the drive in seeming solitude. Then the snow comes and transforms this home into a fairy wonderland. The blacktop drive beckons one through the snow piled on either side, the lights in the windows draw you in and snow covered roof and yard seem to cuddle the house in love.

We have never met these neighbors, never been to their home and rarely se them, just their cars coming and going yet I envy the feel of their home. Envy may not be the right word, maybe marvel at the outward appearance of their lives. Hope and pray that their spiritual life is as good as their dwelling appears to be.

We do that a lot, look at the outside of people and make assumptions about their lives, their souls and their faith. But, when we care enough to ask we may find hurts that need tending, lives that need healing and paths that need to be redirected. Look closer at those around you and then help, mentor, console, do what is necessary to show them Jesus.