You can always discern the will of the Lord. Sometimes it is seen in His Word, sometimes it comes through prayer, sometimes it arrives in the night and sometimes through the words of a friend or family member. Once you hear discern it through one source, always validate His will by seeking confirmation through other sources.

Satan can lead you astray, your thoughts can betray you and talk with others can be misunderstood. So look for validation in His Word and through prayer. Be in fellowship with other believers and ask for their discernment. Only after testing can you be certain that He has shown you His will.

Remember, if you truly desire to hear and follow His will, He will be faithful to show you the way. He will be with you to lead you and guide you, to place those in your path to mentor and disciple that He wishes, to be with you all the days of your life and on into eternity.

There is no greater joy than to be in fellowship with the Lord, no better peace than the peace of being held in His arms.