As the rain pours down this morning, our cat sits in front of the door wanting to go out. He will wait patiently for a few minutes and then cry for us open the door again, maybe it’s okay now. He has high expectations and his hopes are dashed every time we open the door to let him out.

He could look on this morning as a morning filled with disappointment. He could give up and curl up on the couch and go to sleep; but, no, he keeps believing, he keeps trying. We can even hear the rain on the roof and see the rain through the window but the cat still believes.

Some would call the cat stupid, living in a fantasy world where believing in something will make it so. Some would call him stubborn, too full of himself to see the reality that is right before him. What is true is that he knows that the rain is only for a season, that after the rain comes the sunshine and he is unwilling to be patient and wait. He waits with anticipation for the new day. Do you?