Even when we feel that our lives have been set, our destiny foretold and our path cast in concrete before us by a lifetime of living against the Lord. Even after we have rejected the pleas of God for too many years to count, He still loves us, our Lord still cries out to us to turn to Him.

Impossible, you say. Not so. Look around you and see those who have changed, those who have found peace. The Lord, our God, is a gracious God, a forgiving God and a loving God who welcomes all repentant sinners with open arms. He can and will embrace you with love and heal all of your wounds. Cast your doubts away, put your cares and worries in the hands of God and let Him nurture your heart and give you hope for the future.

Wait no longer, be in turmoil no more. Stop the agony of uncertainty, the pain and suffering of doubt. Look to the heavens for your freedom from sin and evil. Jesus is here with you, the Holy Spirit sits beside you and God the Father looks upon you, all waiting with love to give you hope and peace and freedom and to guide you to true happiness.