There are days when our burdens seem light and our troubles few and then there are days when our world is rocked by bad news about our health, or the death of a loved one or by an unexpected bill or financial setback. Those are the days when we need to stop, drop and pray but all too often those are the days when we roll up our sleeves and try to work or worry ourselves out of the situation.

Our first step every time we receive news, good or bad, should be to drop to our knees and pray. Our Father knows all and He sees all and yet He expects us to bring every moment of our lives before Him willingly and with gratitude. It is this willingness to approach Him, this attitude of acceptance of His authority over us that will give us the peace of mind and the grace to ask for His divine mercy and receive His response with gratitude and humility.

The Lord our God is a loving God, a gracious and caring God, depend on Him, cast your cares upon Him, pray to Him for we know that He answers prayers. The majesty and the mercy of the Lord are both there for you. Don’t ignore the Lord, depend on Him.