There are days when our haste to get things done distracts us and we stop looking for signs of the goodness of the Lord. There are times when our attitude overwhelms our faith and we forget who holds us in His hands. We all have had distractions and struggles and will continue to have them and that is OK.

We are all fallible human beings working our way toward our Lord, trying to be more like Him, slipping and falling when we fail and joyfully worshipping when we move forward. It is in the effort that God meets us for He knows that we can do nothing be ourselves, Jesus knows our pain, our failures and our triumphs.

Jesus did not come to us to condemn us. He was not born of woman to put us in servitude, rather He came to free us from the bonds of sin, to break the chains forged by satan to ensnare us. Jesus spent 33 years on this earth to prepare us, to teach us and to show us the way to the Father. His mission was to show us the way to God the Father, way to eternal life. It is now our responsibility to pass that knowledge on, to lead others to Him and to shepherd them through to the kingdom. Let’s get busy.