We are always trying to put order into our world. Instead of just allowing nature to unfold in all of its beauty we spend huge amounts of money to try to predict the weather. Instead of living in the climate of our region, we alter the climate in each home, not just to survive, but to be as comfortable as possible.

What was once a much simpler way of life is becoming a life spent trying to manipulate our environment for our comfort. If all of the resources we used for our own comfort and pleasure were redirected toward helping those in true need, those in pain and suffering, those starving and dying from want and neglect what could be accomplished?

It seems that the question that we ask before we spend needs to change. ‘Can we afford it?’ needs to become ‘Is it a need or a want?’. Then your needs have to be examined closely, examined through the perspective of God’s plan for you not through your own desires. This means that before you acquire any possession, before you make any decision, you go before the Lord and ask His blessing, seek His approval, know His plan for without His guidance any plans you make will be foolish.