Car is ready, oil changed, tires rotated and all of the paperwork captured. Runs to Goodwill and trash removal begin this afternoon as well as the final sort procedure with Tara, Lorie and camper piles gradually being filled.

And George, the traveling turkey, sits placidly on the mantle watching with feigned interest as we mere mortals scurry about making decisions we may later regret. He has no interest in what we keep, pass on or discard. His only goal is to be on his way to places he hasn’t been, seeing new sights and meeting new people.

Oh to be George right about now, to be free to just sit and watch and dream of tomorrow. But little does he know that, beginning on March 5th, he will be chronicling our travels with his own Facebook page with photos and written entries. He will be observing us as we travel, commenting on our triumphs and failures as new fulltime campers.

Today the sights and sounds in this house are geared toward preparation. Preparation for the next step. When the Lord sends us out He first prepares us for the journey then helps us to ready the rest of our world for the change. That is where we are now, getting ready.