Woke up just after 11 PM last night by Linda. She was disturbed by a loud mechanical outside. Not knowing what it was upset her, so she asked me to investigate. So, after some grumbling, up I got.

Cold, rainy and generally miserable conditions met me at the door and much to my discomfort followed me all the way to the source of the sound. There, standing tall in its misery was our heat pump, laboring mightily (and noisily) to provide us with warmth in the house while covered with snow from the roof and ice from the rain. Since we are mostly packed for departure I had to find something to chip the ice from the top of the unit. It turns out that long handled pruners work quite nicely. So after the ice was removed the heat pump stopped complaining and continued to provide us with the warmth we so badly needed for survival.

Sometimes our friends are like that. Their lives become encrusted with worry and fear and pain and they start being noisy and uncomfortable to be around. Then is when we need to look for the problems and help them to overcome their troubles. Then is when we need to pray for guidance and gently bring Jesus to calm their worries and fears and bring peace.