The old wicker chair sits proudly in the living room that is almost totally bare, one of six pieces of furniture that are either not going or not claimed by someone. She has been with Linda and I since we were wed and with Linda since she was rescued from the trash several years before.

Her fate has often been to be discarded and yet here she is. We would bring her with us if we could but like most of our possessions she must be left behind and that is OK. She has survived before and she will survive again if someone decides to redeem her. Her path is and will always be determined by others unlike those who have chosen not to follow Jesus. Who, either consciously or by default (and make no mistake, the default setting of our lives is not Jesus but the world) are traveling on a path toward destruction, toward the trash heap.

While that wicker chair has no choice, we do. We do not have to take the default path that the world has laid out for us. We do not need to follow the easy path… the Lord gave us free will and a choice. We can choose life or we can choose the trash heap.