Got up Friday morning and drove to the Cincinnati airport to pick up my daughter, grandson and great granddaughter. We had a good talk on the way back even though Ben was not feeling well. Family can be such a blessing.

We sent them off Saturday with a car full of stuff and the paperwork transfer done with the help of our friend Sally. Jill and her friend came over to relieve us of our couch and we took one load to the trailer. Lots of good conversation and vows to see each other soon. Friends can be such a blessing.

This is the day we have chosen to move to the trailer and as I write this the thunder is roaring, the lightning flashing and the rain is pouring down. This the kind of weather that tests our bones and joints and causes Linda great discomfort, no matter. We know deep in our hearts that this is the direction the Lord intends for us and the thunder and lightning is validation. Satan is unhappy as we move closer to God’s will and his efforts at thwarting this move become even more obvious.

Let it rain, let the thunder roar, let the lightning flash, we don’t care. All we care about is letting the will of the Lord be done in our lives and the lives of those touch.