This morning everything seems to be unwilling to cooperate, our computer pause between words as I type, the internet is iffy at best and my phone hotspot is not working. And I feel fine and the Lord is in control and yet I complain while Linda lies in the bed next to me hurting all over without complaint.

Last night the devotion after dinner held a very special place in our lives. As Linda and I sat and listened to a short excerpt written by Thomas Merton on suffering we felt the presence of the Holy Spirit leading the group into the depths of God’s being, teaching us through the words of others about suffering and ultimately steering us toward Jesus.

The suffering of Christ, while vital to the gospel, is in fact a pointer, a marker on the path to true purpose of the death of Jesus. It was not His death that set us free, it was His resurrection that truly freed us from sin. He broke the chains of sin, relieved the suffering of our souls. Jesus now sits at the right hand of God interceding for us, covering our sins and freeing our souls to soar to the Father and be in fellowship with Jesus.