There are many ways to witness for the Lord, many ways to present the gospel, the good news of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Some ways are more effective than others and some ways are almost hostile to the message.

Each of us must choose how we are going to share the good news, realizing as we decide that our way must be unique to our life experiences, must be authentic and must flow naturally from our relationship with Jesus. No two people are alike and no two testimonies are alike and this is part of the beauty of the body of Christ. Each of us has a unique skillset, a unique perspective and speaks to a unique audience.

So speak your testimony, sometimes with words and sometimes with song and always with your actions and attitude. As each Christian passes a non-believer he or she leaves an indelible imprint, a seed so to speak, in their mind. It sometimes bears fruit right away and sometimes needs to be watered by many passes of many Christians each one adding their piece of the gospel until there is a flowering of belief that turns into the fruit of the Spirit. Keep testifying. You will probably not see the fruit but the Lord will and He will be well pleased.