Cleared off the top of the stove and cooked sausage, cut up a tomato and ate my breakfast in the trailer for the first time this morning. Progress has been made! Now, we have today and tomorrow to get the bulk of the next downsize done. Starting today, the cooks and crew leaders arrive and then tomorrow the first group will hit the front door. This means that my time will be extremely limited at the trailer.

The only thing keeping us from getting nervous and crazy is the peace of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit manifested in our many friends who are encouragers, who support us and send prayers up for us. Thank you friends.

We, as humans, can create a perfect storm for ourselves, easily make enemies of friends and walk, no run, away from our support system and then cry out for help acting just like none of this was our doing. Often our prayers start with ‘Why is this happening to me, Lord?’ when we should be praying for forgiveness. Forgiveness for forgetting His mercy and for not respecting His gifts of the love of friends and family and the gift of life in all of its glory. So, today, thank you Father for all you have done for us and forgive us for our failures.