Yesterday afternoon and again this morning early I took our cat for a walk on the leash. Both days he has walked and not completely balked at the feel of the leash. If you tug too hard he freezes, but if you just stop his progress with the brake in the handle, he will slow down. He does not go where I want him to go yet. But, I am hopeful that he can learn to follow instead of lead. Stubborn but intelligent and able to be taught.

Sometimes we all are like my cat. We become willful and stubborn and determined to lead. Our loving Lord will then give a gentle tug on our heart and say no, not that way. That is not the path I have chosen for you. That is when you need to open your heart to the Holy Spirit, hear His prompting and follow.

This can be painful as you release your hold on your life. Jesus said to be willing to drop it all, family, friends, position, home for Him. If you are willing and act upon His lead, you will discover a whole new peace in your life. Your blessings will grow and your witness for Christ will multiply. Life truly begins when you give it all to Jesus.