As we rejoice in our new lives we kneel in awe of the One Who saved us and led us to this time and location. We not only believe that there is a God, we also believe that He loves us all and desires that all of humanity come to know Him. We believe that God is alive and real and yearns for a personal relationship with each of us.

We frequently hear of the love of the Lord and what He is doing in the lives of others. Daily we discover spiritual strength in strangers, hear stories of heartbreak and pain and suffering that have produced great faith in others and our faith is strengthened. Yesterday we were added to the missionary prayer list of a fine new Christian friend. We are honored that she would pray daily for us and humbled by her example.

This morning we woke giving thanks to God for His blessings and praying that we can continue to share His love with strangers. We pray for this journey to continue and for His Name to be exalted above all others. Praise the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Raise the Lord above all the earth and steadfastly look to Him for all things.