Good days and bad days seem to be developing a rhythm for us. We can have 2 to 3 good days, sometimes even 4, in a row followed by an afternoon rest, sleep for Linda and reading for me. Little Man, our cat, is adjusting well to the rigors of our new life, getting up each morning ready to be walked on his leash. Never thought I would be walking a cat on a leash while he grazed in the grass. Quite a sight and the other campers get a real charge from it.

When we ask for guidance from the Lord and listen closely for His answer, strange and wonderful things start to happen. First, you will be stretched and grown in your faith, heated in the fire of His Love until you are ready. Then you will be tested and go through the valleys that He prepared for you. But when you have passed all of that – with the help of the Lord and Jesus walking with you – the joy and peace that you find is unsurpassed. Every waking moment is a celebration of Jesus, every breath becomes a gift from the Lord and every person you meet becomes precious to you.

Begin your journey now. If you have started persevere. The life you will live becomes a precious gift from the Lord that you cherish only because it is His.