When your world changes, whether for better or worse, there is an adjustment period. Relationships change, worldviews change, sleep patterns change, eating habits change, everything changes. All is in a state of flux until new habits are formed and all of the newness begins to wear off.

For most this is a time of fearful anticipation full of anxiety. This is why most people hate change and will stay in destructive situations when leaving would be so much better. This is why we do not commit to follow Jesus, do not give our hearts to the Lord. We prefer to stay with what we know and leave the unknown to others. How foolish it is to fear change, to fear the new so much that we miss eternity for the known things of today.

When your world changes, and it will, be sure that you have a Rock to stand on, a foundation that will not crumble. Give your life to Jesus, there will be one constant during this time, your faith in God. There will be one relationship that never changes, your relationship with Jesus. There will be one part of your being that remains the same, the Holy Spirit in your heart.