There are few feelings that are worse than feeling that you do not matter, that the world would be better off without you, that you are nothing but a burden on everyone who knows you. This is one of the most pervasive lies that satan whispers in your ear and there is no one who has not heard this lie. Satan can only whisper lies, only try to turn your thoughts dark.

When satan tries to capture your thoughts and emotions, resist. You are not a pawn without power, you are not useless, you are a child of God, a valued and loved creation of the Father. Whether you know Jesus or have a relationship with Him is not relevant, God loves you even though you do not know Him. God loves you just as you are, with all of your insecurities and fears. God loves you even when you hate Him or fear Him or are angry with Him.

Don’t fight God. He loves you and wants only the best for you. He desires that you have joy and peace in your life. Accept Him, acknowledge Jesus as your Savior and Lord and watch the pain of loneliness and rejection turn into the joy and peace of resting in the arms of the Lord.