Yesterday we tried to keep up with the whirlwind, in other words we kept our great granddaughter Mackenzie. She talks without ceasing, questions everything and has ideas and opinions that flow freely, just like any other 4 year-old. Aside: after dropping her off we came back to the camper eat supper. As we came back we decided to see some the campground and are we ever glad! We saw several sandhill cranes. What a magnificent creation of the Lord.

We, on the other hand are definitely not 4 year olds and as such we seem to always be a half step behind. Our world has slowed down some leaving time for reflection, time to truly get to know each other, and time to delve into our faith. So today we rest. Rest by walking our cat, sitting outside under the awning, going to the pool and doing some of those things we promised ourselves we would do as we traveled.

This means we are moving more slowly, seeing less at a time but more at each stop as we take time to enjoy God’s creation and, even better, more time to enjoy and our relationship with God and through Him each other.