Feeling blessed by the Lord this morning as we have our coffee, talk about the people and events in our lives. Yesterday we went to Lakeridge Winery to listen to the music, really good blues, eat lunch and watch the people there. It was apparent that some came to listen to the music, dance and have a good time while others came to drink, listen to the music and have a good time. We were there to hear the music and enjoy each other, mission accomplished.

One added attraction that we had not counted was the crowd. It was large and diverse and fun to watch. We thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of friendliness, the respect people had for each other and the over-imbibers were happy and quiet.

We had planned on going to the pool when we returned to the campground but opted instead to rest, relax and recharge. At this time in our lives this is a wonderful option to have. We thank the Lord every day for the flexibility this new lifestyle has given us and for this time to rest by doing much or little. For now, it is enough to just reflect the Light from the Lord onto those around us giving all the glory to God. There is a time to volunteer with action and a time to sit quietly and worship and praise our God.