My Gramp Mac who lived his entire life in Vermont loved fruit trees. He planted a small orchard on his farm that had several varieties fruit but due to the climate not all of them produced edible fruit. This in no way diminished his appreciation of the trees. We ate what we could from the trees and what we couldn’t eat fell to the ground.

Gramp’s other passion was deer watching. I spent two wonderful summers with him as he taught me the value of working with my hands and appreciating nature. After a day in his woodworking shop we would eat supper and take his Volkswagen out on the dirt roads around his farm and try to spot the deer as they came out into the fields to graze. This became a contest to see how many deer we could see in one night (record was somewhere over 100).

In his declining years Gramp Mac was given the gift of having both of these passions come together. You see his fruit trees produced fruit and his deer loved the fruit. He could no longer enjoy picking the fruit but he sure could enjoy the deer eating under his fruit trees at dusk. All that happens, happens for the glory of God. Sometimes it just takes a lifetime to see this clearly.