God created all that there is and then created man to have dominion over every living thing and partake of all there was save the fruit of one tree. Man, in his pride and vanity, listened to the serpent and partook of the forbidden fruit, thus allowing sin to enter the world.

We have been struggling ever since to avoid taking responsibility for the actions of our ancestors, allowing their sins to color our world until the world has become a dark and dismal place for many. Through Adam we became a stiff necked species unable to fellowship with the Lord. We were hopelessly lost, our souls doomed to an eternity without hope. The triune God, seeing our hopelessness sent Jesus into our fallen world to free us from despair and give hope to all who believed on Him and followed Him.

So it was long ago, so it is today. Jesus was, and still is the Hope of the world. Death need not be the end of hope, rather death is the beginning of glory for those who believe. Why fear death and live in misery and pain when Jesus waits to free your soul? Why live in despair when your freedom and redemption are right in front of you?