There are those who say we are living the dream and sometimes we feel that way, especially the past few days as we relaxed with friends. However, neither one of us ever dreamed of such an awesome life as we have. All we ever prayed for was for the Lord to lead our lives, order our steps and put us in His will.

All I can say is… look what the Lord has wrought for us. Travel, fun, new friends everywhere and more opportunities to do serve His people in the future. We have done nothing to deserve His mercy, nothing to be where we are, nothing to have all that we have. And what we have is more precious than gold. What we have can never be taken away for it is from God and what comes from God is eternal.

We have no secret, no magic formula that put us where we are. What we have is faith, faith that God is Who He says He is, faith that Jesus is the Son of God and faith that He will guide into all good things through the Holy Spirit.

You too can have what we have, seek God, believe His promises and trust in the name of Jesus believing that He is the Son of God. Do this and join us on our amazing journey to eternity.