Storms came in the night last night and brought thunder and lightning and downpours of water, lots of rage and fury and flashing and thundering and even a few hailstones. But we were safe in our little camper, safe and dry and content and we awakened this morning to sunshine and yes, more clouds to fill the sky later today and bring more rain. We will be at peace with anything that God decides to bring our way because everything that He chooses for us is good, it will all help us grow in our faith and bring us closer to Him. While we keep our eyes on Jesus we will not swayed by the world, our joy will be complete and our happiness based on the solid foundation of the Lord.

God’s world contains infinite possibilities, rain and sunshine and clouds and rainbows, and we want to see as much of His creation as possible, love as many of His people as possible and speak about His divine mercy and love as often as possible. But only if it is God’s will for our lives. As much as we wish to move forward, the Lord has us here until His timing is made perfect.