Yesterday is done, overnight it has become today and once again tomorrow lies out there in the future. All those things we said we were going to do tomorrow can be put off again for tomorrow still has not arrived. This the problem with getting to things tomorrow for tomorrow never comes. Have you put off getting to know Jesus until tomorrow? That is the same as saying never. Today is all we have, this minute, this hour.

Life is a series of decisions that we make. If we choose to put the decision off until tomorrow, it is the same as deciding to ignore the issue. If the decision that you are putting off is the accept Jesus, then you are ignoring Him. Ignoring God is the same as rejecting Him. A very dangerous thing to do because each time you ignore Him your heart hardens a little more until you are lot forever.

Start today, this hour, this minute to ask Jesus into your heart. Be persistent, pray unceasingly. God, Who hears and sees everything, will be faithful to accept you into His kingdom. You see, if you wait, if you say I will start tomorrow, it will never happen and you will be lost forever.