Every morning I prick my finger and check my blood sugar level. I can almost tell you when my level is going to be high by what I ate the previous day. So when my level was elevated this morning it came as no surprise since we ate at an Italian restaurant last evening where we each had shrimp marinara with lots of garlic knots and a Michelob Ultra. The meal was special as Linda and I enjoyed each other’s company.

However, my night was filled with heartburn from the rich food and the overdose on carbs that my body was struggling to absorb. This is my new reality. I must take better care of myself if I want to stay and care for Linda and watch our combined family grow and prosper. This does not mean no more special meals or dining out, rather it means making better choices about where we go and what we eat.

Our spiritual life would be so much better if we had the same measuring device about what is good and bad about where we go and what we do… wait a minute we do. We have the bible for education and inspiration and we have the Holy Spirit to guide us. We just need to use both each morning to test what is good and what is evil in our lives. It is not as painful as a pinprick and a lot more important.