We have decided that Monday is travel day. So this morning we prep the camper, hook up and go. This is the end of our second month of living fulltime in the camper and we have made a few observations about the experience. First, campers in general are a very friendly, helpful bunch of folks. Their world moves at a slower pace, they are friends with everyone and fun is definitely on the agenda.

Second, our ambitious plans to see the United States have definitely changed in speed and scope. This is a time of getting used to each other in a smaller space, learning how life in a camper is different from life in a house, and understanding our health issues on the road. Driving all day, camping overnight and then driving all day again is not an option. We need several days of rest between fairly short driving times to be able to stay at our best. This will not limit where we go, just the time frame.

The Lord has given us a great gift. We are privileged to travel the US, serve others in many locations and meet people along the way, people who the Lord places in our path for the mutual benefit of both. God is also placing people in your path every day. Do you seize the opportunities provided to share Jesus?