Midst the clutter and noise of the fallen world in which we live, it is difficult hear the small still voice of the Lord asking to save your soul, direct your life and allow Him into your heart. That is why He will let you be brought to your knees where you will either decide for Him or ignore Him.

Ignore Him at your peril for your soul does not end at death. We were each created for eternity and the privilege during this lifetime to choose where we will spend eternity. The first choice is to ignore the Lord, not acknowledge His Son, Jesus Christ and spend eternity in hell separated from God or accept Jesus and spend eternity with the Lord.

However, accepting Jesus as your savior brings you to another crossroads. You can do nothing more and possibly live in eternity regretting your lack of initiative, still in heaven, still with the Lord but with the knowledge that you did not follow God’s plan for your life or you can fully embrace God’s salvation and be His partner in saving the souls of His chosen.

We have chosen to follow God’s plan for our lives, we now lead lives of purpose for the Lord, we now put up treasures in heaven where no man can steal them. Join us in the adventure of a lifetime.