The diversity of the human race is astounding. We not only survive from above the arctic circle to the equator, we thrive. Man, one of the least adaptable physically of all of God’s creatures lives in all climates by being able to change the physical nature of his personal space. The ability to build shelters, reason out solutions to hostile environments and make tools and weapons allows us to live anywhere, even the vacuum of outer space. How do you suppose this happened? Is our ability to reason, our need to conquer new worlds, our need to seek new adventures some sort of survival mechanism that ensures that our species will not become extinct?

There is no theory of evolution, no set of cosmic coincidences that can account for the diversity of humanity. Those who travel the world see the truth. The truth that all had to have a creator. The truth that man was created by God to be able to rule the earth and that man became tainted by satan and brought sin into the world.

In His timing, God sent His Son, Jesus the Christ, to right the sins of man by taking them onto Himself and dying bearing the sins of mankind. He then rose from death to life everlasting, becoming the Hope of the world that any who believe on the Son would not perish but live forever with God.