RVers are some of the nicest and friendliest people that we have met. Get a group together, ask a question as a new RVer and watch as they all try to help you. Suggestions fly. Out of the mass of information can be gleaned an answer to your question that will work for you along with several more tidbits of information that will prove valuable.

These people are a cross section of America that makes up a vibrant community. They are adventurous, fun-loving and always ready to smile and welcome you into the campground. It is a privilege to become a part of this loose group of fellow travelers.

Roaming the countryside with no home other than what we pull behind us, making new friends every time we stop and trusting in the grace and mercy of the Lord to see us through is not the retirement most people, me included, envision as we get older and more settled in our lives. In fact, this lifestyle came out of poor health and a strong feeling that God wanted us to continue to serve Him. His call comes often from your pain and suffering and His healing often comes through just being obedient to Him.

We are in a period of rest and preparation as we Let God show us how to complete the final, few details so we can truly embrace our new adventures.