As we meet people and talk with them about living this life, we learn more and more about how to be money smart, which camping clubs are the best, which campgrounds to stay at and what to avoid. This community is a tight family of fellow travelers, diverse in their background but with a common love of travel.

Each day brings new insights into the life of RV travelers. The pros and cons of living on the road and not having a home base, only a mailing address. The biggest challenge so far is to plan the route and find acceptable stops along the way. We are going to avoid interstates were possible and try to keep each day to 4 hours of travel with a rest day in between. This may be unreasonable but for our health it seems optimum. Our first long trip in June and July will be the inaugural trip doing this.

We are glad that we have the time now to talk with others and get used to living in the trailer. One super blessing is the extra time to be with family. We love being close to our Florida family and look forward to doing the same with the Alabama crew and then the Arizona bunch. God is good, all the time.