When we least expect it, a new expense will arrive. Unbidden and unwelcome it will sit in your lap craving attention until you deal with it. Because we are towing with our truck the normal upkeep expenses now occur more frequently. Should not have been a surprise but it was.

Just as unbidden but not as unexpected, God’s provision comes with an amazing ‘just in time’ regularity. We are beginning to lose track of how often we have been rescued by a loving and merciful God. Believe in Him or not, God is there watching ready to help and He does, more than you will ever know.

If you will look back over your life honestly and assess those times where you lived through circumstances that could have killed you, you will see people helping you to survive with God given abilities that they honed through education and experience. You will see that they were there at the right time for you, not through happenstance but through the grace of God. Ask any Christian and they will say that there is no such thing a coincidence or serendipity. The Hand of God is in all things.

If you are reading this and need more, starting this Sunday Harvest Church on Fortner is having a Spring Conference from May 1st to the 4th and it would be their great pleasure have you attend.