Drove to Birmingham from Dothan yesterday to renew the registration on the camper. We had to do the first renewal in person and it was due by the end of April. While there renewing the registrations, we spent the night with Lorie and Patrick, spent some time with Daniel, picked up our mail and then drove back to Dothan today.

In the mail were some good pieces and not so good pieces. The final ATT bill was a surprise as was a notice from the driver’s license bureau. Since I was diagnosed with diabetes and put on medication, the doctor needs to fill out some papers, do a blood sugar test three days in a row (Friday, Saturday and Monday) and send the form in by June 19th or my license is suspended. All righty then.

When the world gives you unpleasant surprises, it pays to have a pocket full of good things to sprinkle on the unpleasantness and we sure a pocket full of good things. God has given us a wonderful blended family, exceptional friends and a church that is awesomeness personified.