Random thought day… where would I be without Jesus? Lost, angry, despondent and upset with the futility of life. I would have no purpose, the only reason for my existence would have been to continue the species, create heirs and watch as the human race runs pell-mell into oblivion.

Every little setback in my life would be magnified, each slight by friends and family would gnaw at my soul. Misery would be my first name and my friends would soon leave me to wallow in my self-pity. Where would I be without Jesus? Alone, afraid and looking for love.

Instead, I am alive, happy and so definitely not alone. Even if all whom I know were to leave, I would not be lonely. Even if all of my possessions were to be taken away, I would still be rich for the Lord has provided for me. He sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in me so I am always comforted and He has promised to provide for all of my needs here in earth so I am always rich, replete with all I need.

Daily we should wake to praise God, hourly we should worship our Lord and minute by minute we should commune with the Holy Spirit. Do all these and be ever at peace resting in the arms of Jesus.