Let our hearts be touched today. Let the voice of the Lord thunder throughout the land beginning here and now. No longer the quiet and unassuming follower of Jesus, become the trumpet that proclaims the day of the Lord. Become His Voice of truth and righteousness. Be the conscience of your community and condemn evil where it is, in our house, in our town and in our nation.

No longer sit quietly while your friends and neighbors are lost to the Lord. Show your love by speaking out in love against the forces of evil that are sweeping across our nation causing strife, pitting friend against friend and splitting families apart. We are told to fear no evil and be bold in our faith. So just do it. Speak the truth of the Lord, be open, fearless, honest and loving.

Speak where you are. Speak now. Waiting to see what the Lord wants for you is doing nothing. If you sit still, God cannot guide you, only when you are in motion can your direction be altered. The Lord has a plan for your life and today is a part of that plan. So, begin in prayer, continue in action and always be guided by the Holy Spirit as you move forward.