We made our plans. Dothan for the spring spiritual life conference at our home church. Stay for two weeks and spend time with friends and be immersed in the Spirit of the Lord every night. Then reality strikes and the aches and pains of daily living interfere. So last night we stayed home in the camper and rested with the hope that today will be better.

Although this type of change to our plans is not at all unusual, it is sometimes more discouraging than normal. Living with incurable diseases and debilitating physical conditions can do one of two things. It can turn you away from God in anger and pain or it can turn you to God for the peace and comfort only He can give. Watching a loved one go through this valley can also produce the same results.

We have chosen to turn to the Lord for His comfort and peace. We have thrown ourselves on His mercy time and again. And what we have discovered is that His Love is sufficient for us. We can sit and bask in His Light and be healed, ready to accept what the world has done to us and move forward, ever closer to His loving arms.