Forgiven… yes we are, even before we feel remorse, even while we are still sinful and disobedient and even when we don’t realize that we need to be forgiven. The love of the Lord for each of us is so unimaginable that we sometimes reject the possibility that He could love us and forgive us. And yet He does.

While we run around in our own little ego-driven worlds ignoring Him, Jesus is busy loving us, forgiving us and waiting for us see the truth of who we are. The truth is that we are unworthy, filthy vermin who can do no good thing on our own. And yet we try, without acknowledging His mercy and grace.

Praise God for His patience with us while we go to church, while we study His Word and while we learn of His great love for us. As we hear the words and thoughts of Brad McClain during this spiritual conference it has become obvious that here is a man who knows and loves the Lord and who desperately wants to bring all who hear him and everyone he meets with him to heaven.

Lord, give us all the same fire for You and the same clarity of speech for You. When I write let the words come from You, Oh Lord. Let all who see me, see not me but Jesus shining through me, hear not me, but Jesus speaking through me.