Lunch can take a few minutes or lunch can take several hours, like it did yesterday. We met Will and June Siscel at Cheddars for lunch… and whole bunch of great conversation. We ate and talked and talked and talked. What a marvelous time of reminiscing and catching up and to think the day was only going to get better. The third night of the spring spiritual life conference was about to happen.

The conference always starts with prayer and praise and worship music. What a huge understatement it is to call what happened last night music. The Holy Spirit inhabited the church and infused the singers with strength and power and produced an atmosphere charged with meaning and the power of the Lord. All sang and praised and worshiped and then something wonderful happened.

Brad McClain called the young people down front. Their fathers and the men who lead the church laid hands on them, the rest of the church put their hands toward them and Pastor Ralph led an inspired prayer of anointing and all were touched.

What a blessing it is when the leaders of the church and the speaker are led by the Holy Spirit and not by a timetable or a schedule. Take the road the Spirit leads you on, follow the schedule of the Lord and all you planned will get done and so much more.