We all need to have times when we stop, look at the direction of our lives and reassess our relationship with the Lord. Yesterday was such a time for me, culminating in the spiritual life conference last night. Brad McClain has a knack for illuminating the darkness with the Word of God.

Last night he called us out to acknowledge the gifts that God has bestowed on each of us and use those gifts in the community of the church. We are not made to walk alone, evangelize alone, grow alone; only with others can we fully love the Lord, fully do His will. I will confess that I am most comfortable alone with Linda. This is not the will of God. So last night I took the first step in reconnecting with our home church. Linda and I went forward for prayer and guidance.

We are now exploring ways for me to stay connected with others and still travel and serve around the country. As always, Linda is my rock, the one who allows me to grow and mature in my faith.

Are you connected to Godly people with whom you can fellowship, people who will lovingly hold you accountable for your spiritual growth and who will walk with you on your journey?