Today I will seek ways to serve the Lord. Every morning I make that promise to myself. But there are days when serving the Lord physically is just not possible. Service can be exhausting work. The Lord knows this and that is why He gave us one day out of seven to rest.

As we age and encounter health issues, the need to rest becomes even more critical and we need to pay even more attention to our bodies. Our need to serve the Lord does not become less important, the way we serve the Lord changes. When we were younger we could always serve God by serving others, by meeting their physical needs with our hard work and showing them God’s love with tangible deeds.

As we age we are less able to meet their physical needs. But as we mature in Christ we become more able to meet their spiritual needs. So as our bodies rest from our work, or our travels, or even our illnesses we can still serve with our demeanor, our words and our attitude of love for each other and the world.

Now, my amended cry in the morning is ‘today I will seek His will and ask Him to use me for He knows what I can do.’