Yesterday we rested and while Linda slept I went to the pool to soak and bob on my noodle. For a while I had the pool all to myself and I bobbed and prayed all alone with God. What an unexpected and marvelous time of sharing it was. But, wait, my blessings were not done yet.

Another couple arrived at the pool to enjoy the water and take a little exercise. We spoke a brief greeting to each other as they entered and then I just floated around for a while enjoying the water and sun. A conversation started between Ephraim and I and I discovered that they also went on mission trips yearly only their trips are to South America and Africa.

New friends, new opportunities to share ourselves with others, isn’t God good? Even when we are just resting He provides us with opportunities to share His love. And as this month evolves, He is giving us the chance to lean on Him and trust in Him for all that we need in this life.