We have been without television all week. For some reason the antenna picks up no signal and the cable here costs too much so we are reading in the evening and enjoying each other’s company. Although not what we expected, this life we are living of dependency on the Lord and the good will of others is exactly what God expects of us at this time in our lives. We know that what we are doing is not for anyone but us.

Whether you are working hard to raise a family and establish yourself or deciding the next step in your walk with the Lord, He only wants you to respond to His love for you by loving Him in return. If you will only do this, God will meet you where you are and carry you the rest of the way. He will teach you how to read His Word, how to hear His Voice and how to pray to Him.

Most importantly, He will show you how to love others and how He wants you to do His Will. He shows us each our path, teaches us each how to use the gifts He has given and places us each into the body of believers where we are most needed.