Yesterday was a very good day. We spent time with Tara and Jason talking and enjoying each other’s company with Ben and Jen and Kenzie. Linda and I are so proud of how well we have all blended together including, of course, Kim and Abbey who couldn’t come yesterday.

We are the elder statesmen of this and the next generation, we set the tone and example for how our family is supposed to be and we are the spiritual leaders of our family. As we sit back and watch the interplay around the picnic table, I am struck by the love that is shown, each for the other. Even when tempers flare and correction is administered love is obvious.

It has taken a lifetime of getting some things right and some things wrong to get to this point. Would I change any of it? Probably not. God drew me to Him in His timing and has my family in His Hands even now. I must trust that He knows how to care for those I love better than I, and that His timing will be perfect. My prayer is that we will have many more blessed family times, that we will eventually share the same God and that they will soon feel the same love from the Father that is already here for them.