One of the most misunderstood words in the English language is love. We will say that we fell in love, like love is a hole that we didn’t see coming or will say love caught us unawares, like love is a trap. We will say things like give love a try, like love is some kind of homeopathic cure for loneliness or we will say that we love something, like ice cream and think of love as an emotion.

Love, the word, is used in all of those context and many more but the simple truth is that love is an action word, a verb. Love is not how you feel but how you act. You can’t say that you love someone or something without the corresponding action of caring.

Just like faith without deeds is dead, so love without action is a lie. You cannot say you love your neighbor and stand idly by while he or she suffers. You cannot say you would love to help and yet do nothing. Love requires some form of action and the greater the love, the more personal the action. Giving shows a little commitment, a desire to help out of duty. Actually giving of yourself, your time and your compassion shows real love for others and your God, Who sees, will reward you.